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Commercial Litigation
The Law Office of Clarence Roby Jr, provides litigation litigation services to business owners. We can represent you as a Defendant or Plaintiff in most commercial disputes that could arise in a business environment. Our commercial litigation services include partnership disputes, collections, mediation, of promissory note, employment agreements, fraud, contract disputes (breach of contract, tortious interference with contract, and covenants not to compete), shareholder/business owner conflicts (breach of fiduciary duty, business dissolutions, ownership of assets/records , and partnership disputes), and fraud and unfair competition.
Drug Cases
Drug crimes cover a broad range of offenses involving controlled substances, from possession and sale to manufacture and distribution. These types of crimes involve violations of federal or state law and sometimes both federal and state law. Depending on the circumstances of a case, offenses of this type may result, in a broad range of potential criminal and administrative consequences, including probation, prison, property forfeiture and participation in a court-ordered drug treatment program. If you find yourself facing charges arising from the sale or manufacture of controlled substances, The Law Firm of Clarence Roby, Jr can help you to deal with the charges.
In Louisiana a person may be prosecuted for DWI if they are either under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or who are driving with a with a blood alcohol content of .08% or more. DWI / DUI arrests are generally misdemeanors, but may be considered a felony DWI where there are two drunk driving prior convictions within 10 years.
However, being arrested for DUI/DWI does not mean that you will inevitably be convicted. In order to provide a defense of a DUI/DWI, we need to take all the steps necessary to protect your rights and ensure that your life is not forever affected by this charge. We will take the steps necessary to try to keep your license from being suspended. The Law Firm of Clarence Roby, Jr. can help you prepare to deal with the prosecution and has successfully defended dozens of clients facing DWI/DUI charges in Louisiana.
Employment Law
The Law Firm of Clarence Roby, Jr. has a reputation for providing aggressive and effective to its clients in employment-related claims. Our services for employment related needs include harassment and discrimination, State and Federal discrimination claims, whistleblower and retaliation claims, defamation, breach of contract, Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, claims for unpaid wages and commissions, employee handbooks, employee drug testing procedures, allegations of wrongful termination, and non-competition agreements.
Environmental and Toxic Torts
The Law Firm of Clarence Roby, Jr’s environmental practice focuses on property damage caused by pollution. While these claims are pursued primarily on behalf of a class of plaintiffs, individual property owners have also sought the firm’s assistance.
Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
In March 2009, the U.S. Justice Department announced that it will step up investigations to combat Medicaid Fraud. As a result,the government has increased its resources it spends civil and criminal enforcement of medicaid laws. This increase in enforcement is a direct result of the continued increase in healthcare cost. As a result, physicians and other health care providers are facing a dramatic increase in government regulation and scrutiny, including investigations and prosecutions for health care fraud and Medicare and Medicaid audits. Private insurance carriers also are aggressively pursuing civil health care fraud cases against medical providers.
Because of this enhanced monitoring of Medicare and Medicaid billing; too many errors may lead to fraud charges. However, in order to obtain a conviction, the government must prove however that the “errors” were made intentionally. Honest, unintentional mistakes are very common when filing paperwork or completing billing information.
Mr. Roby has experience handling federal fraud charges for medical providers. He will aggressively fight the government’s claims of intent to defraud the Medicaid and Medicare system.
Non-Profit Corporations
Nonprofit and charitable organizations can include religious organizations, educational organizations, human and social service organizations, arts and cultural organizations, and other grantmakers. They are organized under state law, and issues relating to the organizations include formation, management, and dissolution.
All nonprofit or charitable organizations face legal issues unique to their organizational structures and mission statements. In order to function most effectively and within the law, these entities need knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel to guide them through the many constraints of their operations and to meet potential challenges as they occur.
Non-profits have a special mission and must pay particular attention to the economics of running their organizations. As stewards of other people’s gifts and donations, non-profits are mandated to spend wisely and to make every effort to see that resources are directed to the programs and services for which they are intended. The Law Firm of Clarence Roby, Jr. can assist non-profits with being proactive to minimize problems in all phases of their operation and to make sure that its mission is carried out in a cost effective manner.
Personal Injury
Personal injury involves injury to an individual. This area of law allows an injured person to sue in a private action called a civil action known in the legal community as a tort action. A “tort” is a wrong against a person. Any accident or injury against a person can constitute a tort – whether it be in a car accident, the use of a product or the negligence of a professional. Different degrees of fault exist and several elements are necessary to prove in court in order to be successful against the wrongdoer or negligent party in a tort action. Also, more than one person or party may be at fault, and responsibility may be apportioned among all of the wrongdoers. In some instances, the victim may even be partly at fault for the tragedy but that does not necessarily mean the person does not have a right to bring a lawsuit.
If you are successful, the person who is injured can recover money damages. These damages can be for a number of reasons: medical bills, lost income, future medical bills and care, and other economic damages that you incur. In addition, you may recover what is termed non-economic damages. These are damages that may be difficult to quantify, but nevertheless, are very real: pain and suffering, disfigurement and loss of consortium. Keep in mind there is a deadline in filing cases known as a statute of limitations. These statutes vary and it takes an experienced personal injury law firm to examine the facts and the law to determine the limitations period that applies in each case.
White Collar Crimes
Complex problems require attention and creativity. From health care to public corruption, The Law Firm of Clarence Roby Jr. has the experience to provide your most aggressive line of defense in alleged financial crimes and investigations. Our commitment to ongoing, honest communication prepares you for what to expect at every step of the way.
Recent Matters: Represented a City councilman in connection with alleged public corruption. Represented several nurses and other hospital staff in alleged wrongful death of patients arising out of Hurricane Katrina. Represented a police officer in connection with alleged public corruption.

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