Case Results

Land Ownership Victory
This case concerned a boundary dispute between property owners.  At the heart of the litigation, the adverse party asserted ownership by acquisitive prescription for a 30 year period of time.  The adverse owner alleged that her ownership interest was established by the time she maintained the property.  She also attempted to tack on the time the previous owner was in possession of the affected tract of land.  After several years of litigation and extensive discovery, the matter was tried before a district court judge who found that the adverse party had not acquired title by acquisitive prescription and fixed boundaries pursuant to the legal surveys and assessed reasonable attorneys fees and cost against the defendants.
Fraud of Federal Funds-Restitution
This case concerned a federal complaint based on fraud concerning more than $138,000.00 in federal funds.  The United Stated alleged that my client and other individuals conspired to defraud a federal agency by diverting resources from a federally funded program for personal gain.  I successfully negotiated a resolution concerning my client’s interest resulting in the payment of a fine with no jail time.  The co-defendant was tried by the federal government and sentenced to a substantial amount of jail time.  The court also assessed restitution for the entire loss to the government.
Medicaid Fraud Criminal Charge-Acquitted
This case involved several individuals and corporate entities charged with several counts of Medicade/Medicare Fraud.  The federal government alleged that the parties individually and collectively were responsible for a loss to the federal government that exceeded more than $49 million dollars.  My firm represented a doctor who served as one of the medical providers for the healthcare entity at the center of the prosecution.  After a trial of the matter that lasted more than three weeks, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty for my client.  The jury however, did find two of the defendants guilty of fraud.  The were sentenced to more than 10 years in federal prison and assessed several million dollars in assessed fines and restitution.
Medicare Fraud Criminal Charge-Reduced Sentence
This case involved several healthcare providers and principals who were charged with Medicare/Medicade fraud in excess of more than $40 million dollars.  More than ten individuals were charged and ultimately convicted by the conclusion of the prosecution by the federal government.  I was able to successfully negotiate  a resolution for my client that resulted in reducing his exposure concerning the financial loss claimed by the federal government.   My client was facing more than 20 years in federal prison if convicted as charged.  As a result of my effort and with the government’s approval, my client received a substantially reduced sentence and fine.
Personal Injury Recovery
This case concerned an individually who was severely injured as a result of being struck in the face on a worksite.  At the time of the incident, my client was working on a construction site delivering dirt and hauling away waste.  While working at the site, one of the trucks ran over a protruding objecting causing a blowout of a tire that cause an object to strike my client in the face.  As a result of the incident, the client experienced severe injuries that required several surgeries and months of therapy.  Suit was filed on behalf of the client and his wife for a loss of consortium.  After several years of litigation and contentious hearings, the case was successfully settled for $1.2 million dollars.

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